Insurance Disputes

insurance-disputesIt’s not funny when you are hurt, have suffered property damage or have lost a loved one and the insurance company won’t pay your claim, or offers a ridiculous low-ball amount to settle your insurance disputes.

Having an experienced and knowledgeable insurance attorney on your side is essential. And the earlier in the process that you consult with us, the less likely you are to say or do something that could undermine your case – such as signing a “standard form” releasing an insurance company from any further liability.

Insurance companies have lawyers on retainer to deal with disputes. Let us be your qualified legal team that can level the playing field and that can let the insurance companies know you mean business. As an experienced insurance attorney, Matthew J. Jowanna knows what to look for in the evidence that the insurance companies may assert to support their positions, and can help you build-up the evidence you need to support your insurance disputes claim. We will stay in close contact with you, and address your questions and concerns properly.

For strong representation from a law firm dedicated to maximizing your position, contact us today to schedule your free, no obligation consultation.